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4:02pm December 24, 2011

An Open Letter To People Who Hate Gay People
Posted on December 24, 2011

Dear United World Citizens of Homophobia,

I’ve addressed you before in the past but it seems the need has risen again. For the last year or so, I’ve listened closely to your banter, be it from American GOP presidential hopefuls(emphasis on the hopeful) or from a number of other politicians in various parts of Africa. Not only did I hear and read some of the most heinous things about LGBT(Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) people, but you even go as far as to continue to push for legislation to take rights away from us(I say “us” in case you missed it). In some cases they are even attempting to have gay people put to death.

To my own surprise, things like this still have to be written in 2011. Because it is evident that homophobia is still one of the last known widely accepted and open prejudices still standing in the world today. From Rick Perry’s promise to force gay and lesbian service members back into the closet from which they proud broke free from, to the people of Uganda proposing a “Kill The Gays” bill and posting names, photos, and addresses of suspected LGBT people in their local papers to ensure that they be terrorized. And most recently, Newt Gingrich(friend of the blog) expressed his disdain for gays so much that he’d rather gay people(including gay Republicans) just vote for Obama.

You see, the problem in society is not LGBT people, the problem is you. The small minded, often religious, ignorant people who know little to nothing about what it means to be gay on any level, be it scientifically or socially, and have no interest in taking the time to understand. The problem is that you are able to direct hate at a group of people and then hide behind your Bible, which carries many flaws itself when it comes to moral leadership. You attempt to hide your homophobic hatred behind the idea that being gay is a choice when in actuality your religion, ignorance, and bigotry is what’s being chosen.

No one wakes up and decides to be viewed as a second class citizen because they want to. If this is the case, tell me, at what point in your life did you choose to be straight? Because if you chose to be straight that would mean the only reason you’re not gay is because you haven’t met the right guy or girl yet. In which case, I have some very persuasive single friends you should meet. You say things like “God gave us sexual organs to reproduce and well, gays can’t do that” but riddle me this. When was the last time you had sex for the sole purpose of creating a child? Thought so. Because the truth of the matter is most all sex that occurs is for the purpose of pleasure and nothing more.

I can’t recall the last time I heard a guy complain about no women wanting him to get them pregnant but I’ve heard quite few about not being able to get laid. Yet the common theme echoed throughout the our lives is to have more sex, have better sex, and “how you can have more better sex!!” right, Cosmo and Men’s Health? So now that were done with that flawed argument…

The idea that LGBT people can’t be good parents has been debunked many times (or just ask Zach Wahls) as well as the effect gay marriage has on society and the institution itself. The last time I checked, the few states that offer the hetero-luxury of being married if you’re gay were still in tact, not on fire, and haven’t fallen off into the ocean yet. None of your reasons for hating gay people hold up to any type of modern litmus test of being a societal nuisance, yet you continue to cling to your hatred and bigotry. Why? What are you afraid of? That gays might actually be nice people? That you might have to change your belief system? Face your own repressed homosexuality? That you might actually have to teach your children who Jesus “really” was?

Because he mentioned being gay zero times in the good book but he mentions love, acceptance, and peace numerous times. But we can’t go around having people thinking that Jesus loved EVERYBODY right? Give it some thought the next time you’re working on the Sabbath, touching a football, dining at Red Lobster, wearing clothing of mixed fabric, having sex on your period, trimming your side burns and beard, getting a tattoo, or not killing your children for being disobedient. You’re very familiar with Leviticus assume.

What I don’t understand is how “Christians” can be at the forefront of a movement against gay and lesbian hard working, TAX PAYING, American citizens who live in a country based on principles of both liberty and freedom and then attempt to obstruct those very liberties and freedoms. You claim that being gay is unnatural. Well so are glasses that correct your vision, wheel chairs for paraplegics, and brain surgery to remove a tumor. Your poor vision and brain tumor occurred naturally, yet you opt to go against your God and defy his perfect governing of your life and choose unnatural means to defy him. Clearly he didn’t want you seeing that far or living past a certain age right?

Your car got T-boned by a semi and now you need a wheel chair to get around? Obviously, the natural thing to do is to crawl. Crawl everywhere you need to go because God didn’t birth you into the world with a wheel chair. But he did give you arms and a torso so the natural thing to do would be to just crawl.

Because you see, being gay is natural. Being a hateful, homophobic bigot is a lifestyle choice. You can continue to go on hating people for being different, but that will never make you right. It is true that the arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice, and everyday we get closer to that justice for LGBT people. And many years from now you will be the shining example of what we reflect upon in classrooms and history books, the way we look back on our soiled history as human beings for unflattering events that occurred in the world like slavery, the Holocaust, and the Civil Rights Movement. You will be an embarrassment to yourself and the family that proceeds you. Because homosexuality occurs in over a thousand different species. But homophobia only occurs in one.